Urn Necklace

A round silver urn necklace.

After a loved one has been cremated, there are numerous unique ways that you can do with the ashes. You can keep the ashes in an urn and display it somewhere in your home, or you can scatter the ashes in a place that was meaningful to the deceased during a memorial service. Another but equally unique way to honor a departed loved one is to make their cremated remains into a wearable piece of jewelry. These jewelry pieces are known as cremation jewelry, remembrance jewelry, or memorial jewelry.

One type of jewelry is the necklace, and it’s a piece commonly worn around the neck. The urn necklaces, or also known as pendant necklaces, is by far the most popular choice in cremation jewelry. The urn is handy and only holds a few pinches of ashes, making it a great way to share the ashes and the memories they carry with family members.

There are multiple different urn shapes available in the market, including simple cylinders and hearts to ornate designs with filigrees and crosses. You can choose a shape or design that is special to you or your loved one or something modest that goes with everything.

Cremation ashes can be made into a diamond that worn as a necklace. During the creation process of the diamond, the ashes are incorporated into the carbon, making it impossible to tell the difference between a diamond with and without ashes. It can be a unique keepsake that only you and your loved ones will know.

Personalized gold baton pendant urn necklace.

If you desire a premade handcrafted type of urn necklace, Amazon¹ & Etsy² are two of the most available and well-known shopping sites where you can buy ready-made accessories. Vendors also offer customized jewelry, requiring you to provide the design based on what you want. The cheapest ready-made necklace you can find in the market costs $8 on Amazon.

Urn Necklace for Pets

Happy family of four with their pet dog.

There is a growing trend where pets become a part of the family. Millions of people around the world consider their pets a member of their clan. These people undeniably love their pets, enjoys their companionship, plays and even talks to them. They also think themselves to be “pet parents” rather than “pet owners”, treating them just as another human being.

There is much evidence suggesting that attachment to pets is good not only for human health but also in our emotional state. Families who have pets have a higher level of empathy compared to families who don’t own any pets.

Spending more time caring for a pet increases attachment to that animal in which reduces the owner’s stress. That is why as much as the presence of our pets gives us the feeling of happiness, the event of losing them would give us sorrow like how we lose a human loved one. Some people find grief following the loss of a pet comes in stages, where they experience different feelings such as denial, anger, guilt, depression, and eventually acceptance and resolution.

The more significant your pet was to you, the more intense the emotional pain you’ll feel since the role the animal played in your life can have a considerable impact. Help Guide³ gives you tips & instructions as to what you should do to cope up with the loss, be it yours or someone you know who recently lost their pet.

When a pet dies, some owners find a hard time replacing them since the relationship built between the two of them is something exceptional. The attachment between humans and animals is often so strong that it is common to grief in a way that is very similar to the feelings and behaviors associated with the loss of a human family member.

The love we feel for our pets remains constant throughout their lives. What better way to preserve a memory of a favorite animal than by having a piece of jewelry that reminds you of them?

This jewelry holds a tribute to your pet and is a wearable memorial in their honor, the same as the human urn necklace. Choosing pet urn jewelry in their memory provides a unique and meaningful way for pet owners to pay their respects to their faithful companions inside a beautiful, personally selected and made to remember your much-loved pet.

My Angel and Everlasting Memories, provides services concerning pet urn necklaces. They have premade and also personalized necklaces that can be purchased online.

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