How Much Does A Cremation Cost?

The woman is processing the body inside the cremation chamber.

The cost of human cremation depends on some factors that need to be considered, like the region, the type of cremation service you choose, the price of casket or alternative container you’re going to use, the amount of cremation urn, the way you want to dispose of the ashes, etc. Thus, there is no standard cost of a cremation procedure.

Whether you’re thinking if cremation is right for you or you are making this decision for a loved one who passed away, understanding its process and the cost of it can be beneficial.

Cremation, according to Google, is the act of converting a body to ashes. It is done in a specific and orderly sanitary environment using equipment that can bring the deceased to a very high temperature quickly to ensure appropriate conversion. Once the process is complete, the cremated remains of the deceased can be stored in an urn, converted into jewelry, scattered in a favorite location, or interred in a cemetery. These are just some of the more common disposition choices for the family to choose from.

The benefits of choosing cremation include that it can cost less than a traditional burial, it’s environmentally gentle, it provides flexibility for the family, and there are many options for disposition.

But how much does cremation cost?

Cremations are mostly cheaper than traditional burials. The prices usually start around $700 to $800. Still, people spend several thousand dollars on cremation and funeral services. Funeral homes also offer direct cremation services, also known as simple cremation.

The average cost of cremation can range from $2,000 to $3,000– less than half the price of a traditional funeral, which is lower than the average full-service funeral that averages around $10,000 these days.

Common Costs Associated with Cremation

A flameless cremation machine inside the crematorium.
  • The cremation process itself is estimated to be priced at $1,200, but the range can still change according to the family’s specific needs and wants.
  • An urn; with a lot of options to choose from, families can find affordable or high-end luxurious items. The average cost is from $15 to $300 or more, depending on the size, type and quality of the urn.
  • Certification of Death, which obviously involve fees associated with each county ranging between $10 and $30 per certified copy.
  • A memorial ceremony that price can range from minimal for a small service where family and friends provide the location and other items to thousands for large, formal memorials if family decide to rent locations instead, to cater all guests.

You can check out Cremation Cost for a guide and a more accurate price costing for cremation.

We must keep in mind that cremation is not and will never be a substitute for a funeral. You can, however, plan to have simple or elaborate funeral arrangements for paying respects to the deceased and seeing the body for the last time. If you want to arrange the event at an affordable price, you can search out a reputable yet low-cost cremation service provider or memorial society and rent a casket instead of buying it. Yes, caskets can be rented to lessen the expense, especially if the casket won’t be included in the burial.

A metal casket in front of a chapel for a funeral service.

The cost of getting a human body cremated must include the funeral home’s service fee, the fees for picking up the corpse, and storing it temporarily until the cremation is done. Certain crematories may also charge extra for a witnessing service wherein the relatives and representatives of the deceased can watch the cremation process.

As most funeral homes do not have their crematorium, you will have to take into consideration the cost of transferring the body from the funeral home to the crematorium.

Certain funeral homes now offer sets or packages for cremation procedure, make sure there’s a clear understanding between the client and the company to avoid problems during the process. An example of a company that offer cremation packages is St. Peter, they propose money back too if their client is not satisfied with their services.

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If you can’t afford¹ your cremation costs, there are several places you can turn to that may help. Many state aid through the social services department if your family can’t afford the expenses.
If you can’t come up with the money to pay for cremation or burial costs, you can sign a release form with your county coroner’s office that says you can’t afford to bury the family member. If you sign the release, the county and state will pitch into either bury or cremate the body. Another option is to talk to your local parish, many times they will offer funeral assistance to families who are struggling to pay the costs of a funeral.

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