Cremation Keepsakes

A lady is holding a heart-shaped cremation keepsake.

Cremation keepsakes also can be known as mementos. It is an object kept as a souvenir of a person or even a pet after their burial or cremation.

These have existed for centuries as a purpose of keeping reminders or memories of a loved one alive howsoever. Cremation keepsakes for ashes are a type of memorial item that will fulfill specific purposes for a family that may come in various designs, colors and themes.

The popularity of the mementos is due to a family’s desire to also share a portion of the ashes with other family members. In this way, it can provide the family with an ideal way of sharing the cremated remains among the relatives and close friends. These small receptacles can hold a nominal portion of a loved one’s ashes. It can also contain other little personal mementos such as a lock of hair.

Different size of white urns.

Their small size makes them easy to carry on out of town trips. The ease with which they are transported makes them an ideal choice for family members needing to travel with them.

Cremation keepsakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Keepsake styles come in many forms. Some are designed to look like miniature cremation urns, and these mini urns are most often made to complement a larger urn or urn family of various sizes. Each mini urn looks exactly like its larger counterpart. Since many keepsake urns are a miniature version of the larger adult size urn, one family member will hold the large urn while the others hold on to the smaller designed mini urn.

Two different size black metal urns with a tree of life design.

Even if keepsake urns were designed to hold cremated ashes, the deceased loved one’s hair, flower petals, and dirt from a memorial ceremony may also be placed inside these keepsakes.

The small size of the keepsake enables them to be included with other mementos within a memory box as well. The size and variety of keepsake urns allow for families and friends to share the cremated ash of their loved one in a way that is special to them with a keepsake that best suits their needs.

A necklace with a customize spade shaped cremation keepsake pendant.

Personalizing or customizing a keepsake with professionally etched engraving creates a lasting memorial that we appreciate for generations. Many of the ash keepsakes are personalize with engraving that commemorates your loved one in special and unique ways.

A lot of companies are now offering this kind of service, to which making a memento to keep the memories of the dead person alive for the next generations. Sample of a company providing this kind of service is the Spirit Pieces, and they offer a wide variety of selection to fit the buyer’s choice for their loved one’s cremated remains.

If you’re looking for a container to keep the ashes, an e-commerce website, which is Etsy¹, also offers handmade or vintage items. These items fall under a wide range of categories, including jewelry as well as crafting supplies and tools. This is a perfect place if you want to arrange a more unique and customized container.

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