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It might be confusing to some why certain people still bury their deceased family member when they already decided to cremate them. What is the purpose of cremation if they plan to bury the casket with the body all along? Why are there people burying their loved ones cremated remains while others are displaying it somewhere in their house such as the altar?
A blue urn with yellow followers around it.

For hundreds of years, burial urns have been used for containing the ashes of our deceased loved ones. Various designs of funeral urns were used according to one’s cultures, beliefs and rituals. Preserving the ashes of our loved ones in a container with beautiful designs has always been important.

Cremation is a practice used in many places throughout the world. Protecting a loved one’s remains in some vessel or container has been a religious ritual followed by many.

In recent years, cremation has become more popular than ever, and this is partly due to the expense of purchasing a casket and vault for a loved one. Urns for burial are affordable for anyone, especially those who don’t have burial insurance or cannot afford the costs of a traditional burial.

Choosing to cremate a loved one can be difficult, especially if they did not make their wished known before passing. However, it is still an excellent option and offers some of the same benefits you receive with a casket burial. For example, urns are protective and come in many designs perfect for whatever taste you have. They are buried under the ground and often marked with a traditional headstone just as with casket burials.

Over the last few years, protecting the environment and making things earth friendly has become a significant issue, many of us are paying more attention to how we treat the world we live in. Everyone wants to be more environmentally conscious, so even at the end of life; they choose biodegradable urns because it’s the only great option.

An eco-friendly and elegant looking biodegradable urns.

Today, many burial urns are biodegradable, which means the materials they are composed of are safe and organic. They are eco-friendly, elegant, and a beautiful way to honor a loved one. Stardust Memorials is a company that specializes in making biodegradable urns, and another one is the Bios Urn. Bios Urn is the world’s first biodegradable¹ urn designed to convert you into a tree afterlife.

The biodegradable urns naturally decompose back into the Earth over time. It is usually the ritual of burying a loved one that is so important, not the fact of whether the container lasts for hundreds of years.

It isn’t so much whether your loved one’s remains are placed in a casket or urn that matters, the ritual of burial has been an important one for thousands of years, and so remains today.

Which way you choose to go depends upon the burial needs and financial means of your family. If a costly funeral is not something you can afford, burial urns are an excellent option. Many times, the deceased chooses to be cremated before they pass, so choosing a natural urn that is biodegradable and earth-friendly is good to go.

A mother and daughter about to bury their pet urn.

Nowadays, not only humans are being buried and cremated. Even animals can receive a proper funeral when they pass away.

If you would still like to keep your pet’s remains on your property, but don’t have a place to bury an actual body especially that of a large pet, consider having your pets remains cremated and returned to you for burial. This still has the advantage of having your pet “at home,” and keeping the pet’s ashes in a decorative urn or container; you’ll find a wide range of such products in any classified ads online.

If you prefer to scatter a pet’s ashes rather than preserve them, you can spread the ashes in the pet’s owner yard, where it lived and played; this is another way of bringing the pet “home” one last time. Others choose to scatter the ashes in a way that symbolizes setting the pet “free” for its final journey—such as in the woods or over a body of water, or just into the wind.

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Michael Johnston

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