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Mother holding the newborn baby while the father and grandparents gather around them.

Next of Kin

A next of kin is as a person’s closest living blood relative or relatives. When someone dies, their estate and assets will be inherited…

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A sample of certified certificate of death.

Death Certificate

Our Blog Call (323) 843-8443 Death certificates are an essential source of data regarding a dead person’s disease incidence, prevalence, and mortality. It refers either

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A type of wood cremation box.

Cremation Box

Our Blog Call (323) 843-8443 When we lose a loved one, all choices we encounter right after may seem overwhelming. While it may be challenging

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A luxurious private funeral reception.

Funeral Reception

Our Blog Call (323) 843-8443 Funerals take place at a funeral home, church, or crematorium or cemetery chapel. A funeral reception is where the viewing

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A blue urn with yellow followers around it.

Burial Urns

Our Blog Call (323) 843-8443 It might be confusing to some why certain people still bury their deceased family member when they already decided to

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