About Us

Beloved Cremations is one of the best cremation services in California. We are in the industry for over 20 years and has served more than hundreds of departed beloved family members.

We provide actual cremation process or direct cremation so families can enjoy a much affordable package and arrange a more personalized end-of-life celebration.

We built our foundation with the objective to meet the needs of our client and ease their burden in end-of-life arrangements. We made our process simple and fast so you won’t have to worry about little things and waste your precious time.

Our team is comprised of professional funeral directors, licensed and trained in the state of California. This ensures that every step of the process is done only by qualified people. Our team is dedicated to serving families with utmost attention to every detail completed with grace and dignity.

Most of our transactions are mostly done over the phone hence we managed to cut down the cremation cost dramatically. We perform the cremation and funerals in our solemn crematories without sacrificing the quality of service that every client deserves. Same attention and focus are also given in accomplishing the paper works and permits.

We are licensed cremation provider in the state of California. It means that Beloved Cremations are regularly checked to meet the qualification and requirements to operate and provide cremation services in CA. Also, we responsible to abide to local, state, and federal funeral-related legislation including the Federal Funeral Rule

Meet the staff

Beloved Cremations consists of experienced and approachable staff headed by the owner, Joel Aliwin himself, to assist you with your funeral and cremation arrangements.

Mark Johnston Owner Beloved cremation
Mark Johnston Owner/ Licensed Funeral Director Certified Cremation Operator
Richard Urbina Licensed Funeral Director
Richard Urbina
Licensed Funeral Director
James Alexander licensed funeral director
James Alexander
Licensed Funeral Director
Natasha McLain Licensed Funeral Director
Natasha McLain
Beloved Receptionist

Do you have any questions or inquiries? Call us anytime! Our staff are always available to take your call.

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