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This is the last thing you should be spending time on so we’ve made it straight forward, simple and fast to arrange a cremation.

Affordable Prices

Cremation is a great alternative to traditional burial and our packages are unparalleled for the service provided to your family.

Guidance and Care

We understand what you’re going through so we’ve set up teams that will help you every step of the way, with everything you’ll ever need. 

The Best Cremation Service in Los, Angeles, CA

Cremation is a popular choice in recent years and if you decide on cremation for a loved one or even yourself, you have lots of choices for the celebration of life. From no service to full service, cemetery location and cremation memorial items such as keepsake jewelry and urns, everything can be customized to suit your needs, family choices and financial situation.

At Beloved Cremations, you can be at peace that your cremation preferences will be met. Here are more reasons why we are the best cremation provider in Los Angeles:

Compassionate and hands-on team

Our compassionate service team can walk you through every step of the cremation procedure, including the final look and prep work of the loved one (which differs depending upon spiritual needs as well as the type of service selected). Our team will help you in planning a distinct funeral or memorial service that reflects family choices, choosing an interment option and also selecting household mementos.

We provide cremation plans that will fit your household customs, beliefs, individual dreams, and also budget plan.

Experience service with dignity, care, and empathy

Beloved Cremation’s objective is to deliver your departed loved one with utmost dignity, care and empathy while keeping the cost low but with high quality. We have over 50 combined years of experience in the cremation services industry,  and have all the qualifications and requirements to be the service provider that cater the unique needs of residents of Los Angeles, CA and other nearby cities.

Personalized Cremation Memorial Options

A funeral service can be held before or after the cremation process. You can choose to hold an official funeral service, with the body of your loved one present in a coffin, before the cremation process starts.

Others choose to hold a memorial after the body is cremated. This can be a great alternative for family members that require more funeral preparation time.

A memorial after cremation can be either a conventional solution with the cremated ashes existing in an urn instead of the typical casket or a much more casual memorial held as the remains are positioned or scattered in their final resting area.

We can aid you in preparing a very personal memorial services that reflect the personality and life of your loved one.

The Beloved Package

At Beloved Cremations, we make sure that your needs are covered, hassles are avoided and your loved one is well taken care of. With our affordable cremation package, we will deliver the best service that comes with the following inclusions:

  • Serviced by licensed funeral director
  • Care and collection of your passed loved one
  • Registration and filing of the necessary paperwork & certificates
  • Glorious private cremation
  • The ashes returned to you by mail or personal collection

Hands-On Guidance In Each Step Of The Process

So, how does cremation works?

Since direct cremation typically takes two weeks, we made our process simple and easy so you won’t have to waste your precious time.

Step 01

You Arrange

Call our dedicated Care Service Team directly anytime!
We are open and available 24/7 to accommodate your needs.

Step 02

We Collect

We bring your loved one straight into our care from their place of passing.

Step 03

We Register

On your behalf, we will take of the paperworks, register the death and get the copy of death certificate for you.

Step 04

We Return

We return your departed loved one’s ashes and urn by trackable mail, hand-delivered, or you may collect the ashes in person.

Our Service Area

We ensure that every client receives the best care and professional cremation service they deserve. That is why we focus on providing our service only to select cities in Los Angeles, California.

We currently serve these areas:

  • Long Beach
  • Santa Clarita
  • Glendale
  • Lancaster
  • Palmdale
  • Pomona

Speak with Beloved Cremations Team

Our caring, family-focused team will thoroughly keep track of the entire process and work closely with family members to guarantee that the service will run efficiently. We can help you with planning a memorial or funeral service as soon as the death certification is provided. To obtain a cremation you likewise require to offer a legal affirmation.

Speak with our Beloved Service team today! We are open to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just click the phone number and you are set to go.

Is Cremation The Right Choice?

If you aren’t sure if cremation is the right choice for you or your deceased loved one, then you are not alone. Cremation is now becoming more popular and the choice of most Americans. The cremation statistic rate proves it when it hit 53.1 percent in 2018 and is forecasted to grow to 79.1 percent by 2035. Despite the staggering increase in rates of cremation in the US, there are still people who are not sure if cremation is the right option for the final disposition of a departed body.

Cremation is a serious decision to make. That is why it is important first to consider various factors and weigh which of them are better for your needs.

Cremation and Traditional Burial: What’s the Difference?

Cremation is different from traditional burial in many different ways. Therefore before you decide, you must consider those differences and know which answers to most of your preferences.

In a traditional burial, Americans usually embalm the body, use a funeral home, and bury it in a casket or coffin in a cemetery. If ever you need to transport the body by a common carrier, California advises that a body must be embalmed and prepared by a licensed embalmer. It is also should be placed in a sound casket and placed in an enclosed transportation case. Also, California only allows the deceased body to be buried in an established cemetery. So if you wish to have a home burial, you should consult your local municipality or county zoning department first if they will grant your request.

Cremation, on the other hand, is transforming the body into ashes by employing high heat. Cremation may be done immediately following death or after you have celebrated the life of the departed loved one. Doing a personal memorial service to honor the loved one can be done before, or even after the cremation, it is all up to your preferences.

The cost between a cremation and traditional burial is far way different. Usually, cremation is much more cost-effective since a lot of expenses are eliminated.

Your view on the remains

It is important to take note of the outcome of each option will do to the remains. Will the outcome of the option that you will choose, meet the standards of respect that you have for the remains of your loved one?

Some people view the traditional burial of the remains, and allowing it to undergo natural decomposition is unacceptable, while to some, it is a respectful way to carry on.


Faith and beliefs are a crucial part of decision making. The view on cremation may vary among Christians and other religions.  Some Christian denominations, Baptist, Eastern Orthodox Church does not allow cremations while Lutheran Churches and Methodists are fine with it. It is required in Hinduism and Buddhism, while Muslims forbade it.


If you are worried about the impact on the environment, then you have a lot to consider and research to be done.

Mostly, cremation is said to be friendlier to the environment than the traditional burial. Cremations may have pollutants released during the cremation process while traditional burial has toxic caskets and embalming fluids.

Choosing between burial and cremation may seem a daunting task. Because it is a highly personal matter, you may want to consult other members of the family before making a decision. As for the cremation option, feel free to give us a call, and we will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with assistance.


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